In search of authenticity

In March this year Elnathan John, the Nigerian author of Born on a Tuesday, was in Ghana to promote his novel. I attended a reading he held at Vidya bookstore in Osu and I had a fun time. When we had the chance to ask him questions, a lot of them focused on his identity and the experience of growing up as a minority in Northern Nigeria (I admit I asked that question). One woman specifically asked him whether he felt the tale of a Hausa Muslim in Northern Nigeria was his to tell  Continue reading


Ethnicity and Kwame Nkrumah

Truth of the matter

Jerome Kuseh

Among the things Kwame Nkrumah is celebrated for today was his commitment to building a national identity that transcended the ethnic identities that made up Ghana. Nkrumah, an Nzema from the Western Region was first elected to the Legislative Assembly in 1951 as the representative of Accra Central.

In his book Dark Days in Ghana written in exile in Guinea after the coup that removed him from office in 1966

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